About Us.

Drone360 was born out of a relentless passion for drone technology, engineering prowess, and a creative spirit. 

Our story begins with building and racing our own drones, learning every intricate detail about their mechanics, and constantly pushing the boundaries. This hands-on experience has given us an unparalleled edge in understanding and optimizing drone performance.

But our expertise isn’t just about the engineering of drones. We also work with some of the industry’s best equipment, like the state-of-the-art Mavic drones. These sophisticated machines allow us to capture stunning photography from vantage points only drones can reach.

Our pilots, skilled and passionate, are the backbone of Drone360. Their precision, adeptness, and extensive experience ensure every flight is purposeful and every shot is impactful. They bring a level of commitment that makes impossible shots possible, and the ordinary, extraordinary.

In addition to our technical proficiency, we have also been producing and editing our own content for more than 20 years. Our story-telling capabilities, coupled with our drone expertise, create a synergy that translates into compelling and awe-inspiring visual narratives.

At Drone360, we don’t just fly drones. We craft experiences, capture memories, and tell stories that inspire. Our history is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. We invite you to be part of our ongoing journey, as we continue to redefine the limits of the sky.

State Of The Art Equipment

Drone Services Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

At Drone360, our tools are as unique as our approach, blending a perfect mix of custom-built FPV (First Person View) drones and industry-leading Mavic drones. Each piece of our equipment is meticulously chosen and maintained to ensure we can capture every moment in its fullest, most vivid detail.

Our custom-built FPV drones are the heart and soul of our operation, designed specifically to capture high-speed action. They provide an adrenaline-fueled perspective that makes viewers feel like they’re part of the action. These drones are not only engineered for speed but also agility and stability. They allow us to navigate through tight spaces, follow fast-moving subjects, and still capture smooth, stable footage.

Together, this blend of FPV and Mavic drones allows us to capture a vast array of footage, from the thrill of high-speed chases to the serene beauty of a sunset over a landscape. At Drone360, we have the equipment and the expertise to bring any vision to life, painting vibrant images in the sky and capturing moments that truly resonate.

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On the other end of the spectrum, our Mavic drones are known for their ability to capture slower, more majestic shots with utmost precision. Recognized as some of the best in the industry, Mavic drones offer unparalleled image quality and advanced flight controls. These drones are capable of high-resolution photography and 4K videography, capturing landscapes and details with extraordinary clarity. Their advanced gimbal technology ensures stable, cinematic-quality footage even in challenging conditions.

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